Bathtub Party Day

Bathtub Party Day 2022 – History, Facts, & Celebrations

It’s been a protracted, pretty tricky day, and dousing in a bathtub may be the perfect way to relax and refresh. However, apart from relaxing, you may know there is a National Bathtub Party Day.

Well, without any delays, let’s hit the details:

When is Bathtub Party Day 2022:

The National Bathtub Party Day is celebrated and enjoyed all over the USA on the 5th of December each year.

Historical Background:

We know, right? You might be wondering where this bathtub party concept came from.

We can relate to this, too. We were also super curious, so we got our hands down on the research.

So, according to our findings, Party Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy, who are so passionate about it that they have trademarked it. 

They operate a cool webpage with numerous whimsical, festive days and a choice of reflexology herbal remedies and essential oil formulas. Each of them is ideal for lauding this very day.

Whereas the exact year of the initial Bathtub Party Day is unknown, it appears to have occurred around the 2000s. From now then, it has steadily been making headway.  

Benefits of Bath:

Bathing for an extended period of time has therapeutic qualities. Let’s have a look:


Water submersion can lessen swelling and pain and serene the nerves and muscles, lowering pressure levels in one’s body and elevating mood.

Individuals who experience multiple sclerodermas can benefit from relaxing baths because the water temp and the pressure of the water slowly soothes aches and inflammation in the spinal column.

Enhances Immune system:

A hot bath improves blood circulation and increases oxygenation by letting you inhale at greater depth and more effortlessly.

A warm bath or sauna can prevent infection and boost the immune system. It can help with cough and cold.

Makes you Happy:

Bathing is an excellent method to make sure that the body is hydrated overall. Because there is a majority of water in our bodies, we are advised to consume sufficient amounts of it.

However, rinsing in it is hugely helpful. We can strengthen this by introducing additional essential oil into a bathtub naturally.

Controls Body Temperature:

Bathing is the quickest and most comfortable method for maintaining the body’s temperature.

A warm bath or spa service on a chilly day will undoubtedly provide you with warmth.

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Day of Bathtub Party

There are no hard and fast regulations on the ways to celebrate this day, and all you need to do is enjoys yourself.  So, these ideas might help you:

Throw an Interesting Bathtub Party:

Looking out for a great fun way to celebrate this day? Then there is a fantastic idea for you to spend on bathtub party day. 

Throw a bathtub party, whether for your friends or kids. Just make sure to make it fun and memorable.

By making it memorable, we just mean don’t only stick to the basics.

Spice up things by ending some games, props, music, and relevant drinks. It will surely make it more refreshing for you all.

Seeking game ideas? Take that:

  • Try To Make Me Laugh
  • Passing The Ball Without Hands
  • Dumb Charades in the Tub

Enjoy Bathtub Party Yourself

Ok, we can totally agree and justify your confusion here. The name is Bathtub Party Day.

The word party always brings up many people’s images or at least more than one.

But no, it is not compulsory to have a bunch of people celebrate this day or have a bathtub party.

You can alone have a bathtub party and trust us. Nothing can be more soothing than that. Get your favorite candles, your most loved oils, or bath salts, and devour yourself into a long bath.

What could be a more calming way to feel the spirits of this day?

Fun facts About Bathtubs:

There are several facts about bathtubs that you likely weren’t aware of, so want to have a look?

  • According to the sources, Marilyn Monroe bathed in champagne, and it took a grand total of 350 drinks to complete the bathtub.
  • Mike Tyson is said to have invested $2,000,000 in a bathtub for his former wife.
  • Devon & Devon, an extravagant bathroom manufacturer originally from Italy, released a gold-coated bathtub with 24-carat gold leaves and gold Flora feet.
  • Gisele Bundchen had her baby in a bathtub.
  • Every year, approximately more than 300 people drown in bathtubs.
  • Only two bathtubs were allocated to over 700 passengers on the Titanic.
  • In a bathtub, the lengthiest Game of monopoly persisted for 99 hours.


Are you ready to celebrate this joyful day, National Bathtub Party Day? (5th of December). Who knew bathing could have so many benefits attached to it? But now know, and we love it more.

Can you hear Splish Splash by Bobby Darin back in your mind while reading this article? Cause we can (Giggles)

Have an aqueous one!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Who invented the bathtub?

John Michael Kohler, an American, developed the world’s 1st bathtub in 1883. John ended up taking a cast-iron horse trough and decided to add four stylish legs to the bottom before coating it in enamel.

Q2: What are the best essential oils for a bath?

If your skin is irritated or dry, natural oils in the bath can assist in relieving and rehydrating it. Lavender, rose, sandalwood and ylang-ylang essential oils are good picks for the body.

Q3: What do bath salts actually do?

High salt quantities boost the density of the water, making the body feel a lot better in the bath. They are also great moisturizers.

Q4: How frequently can salt baths be taken?

Well, it is always best to follow the guidelines available on the packaging or consult your health advisor. However, a salt bath can ideally be taken once in 7 days.

Q5: How long can you stay in the bathtub?

It is advised that you should aim to keep your bath time under fifteen minutes

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