Awkward Moments Day

Awkward Moments Day – March 18, 2023

You’re walking down the road; you see a stranger waving to you in your direction.

You wave back until you look back and see that they’re waving at someone else. Oops, an awkward moment right there.

Awkward moments or a part of life, everyone has those. Even Adam Lavine!

People come together on National Awkward Moments Day to establish those memories are not bad.

If you get too anxious after an awkward moment, this day’s celebration is for you!

When is National Awkward Moments Day?

On the 18th of March, many people celebrate their awkward moments to feel less embarrassed about them. It is completely normal to have such moments in your life that make you flustered. 

 We do not think about others’ mistakes that much, but we feel bad when we do so.

Historical Background

As awkward as it sounds, there is no specific beginning for Awkward Moments Day.

You can believe that it was popularized after YouTubers started making cringe compilations for celebrities.

Even so, more important is the fact that high school culture has a significant chunk of owning troll accounts.

So, with the rise of social media, some people started practicing this day, and others just followed.

How Do I Get Over an Awkward Moment

Awkward moments are a part of life. How you deal with them establishes how severely people associate them with you.

Here is how you can get save face after an awkward moment.

Control Your Expressions

Getting flustered after a fall is okay. Do not act too stunned. Regain your composure. Maintain your posture.

Divert Attention

Stand tall and continue speaking about whatever you were doing. Even if those around you seem flustered, make sure not to get fazed by it and continue making your point.


Once you are done normalizing the situation around you, make sure to apologize for that disruption.

Not only does it make the incident a bygone, but it also helps you feel comfortable in your shoes and prepares you for further accidents.

Laugh It Off

It is imminent that people will ask you how you are doing once you are back in your position. Make sure to be jolly about it and not make a big deal.

Doing so would also diminish the level of importance this particular incident otherwise would have been given.

Do Not Let It Get to Your Head

Before convincing others that you are okay with whatever has happened, convince yourself.

Doing so requires you to consider what you are capable of and how this minute challenge does not define your worth.

How to Celebrate Awkward Moments Day?

Here is how you should celebrate the day.

Get Over an Awkward Moment

Tripping over thin air in 10th grade does not define your worth. have a good laugh and enjoy your day. It is just you are mulling over it.

Have a Trip Down The Memory Lane

Invite over some friends and have a good time discussing all of the awkward moments that you guys can.

Being paranoid does not help. They might unlock a memory that you might have forgotten.

Recreate an Awkward Moment

We all have that one moment that is so funny that we ironically laugh. Narrate to your friends and ask them to re-create it with you.

If anything, it would help you overcome any embarrassment you feel about it to this day.

Share Your Festivities Online

Make sure to go live and share the roast session online with your friends who could not make it to the session.

Rejoice In Spite

Play a YouTube compilation of embarrassing moments and see who laughs first. The loser has to pay for drinks.

Reasons to Love the Day of Awkward Moments

Some awkward moments are adorable some are scarring. Here are a few reasons why this day requires a celebration.

Awkward is Funny

Unless you have social anxiety, an awkward moment would be a fun memory for you.

Laughing at it with friends years later is the best thing ever. So, light up your life with such a little moment.

They Are a Part of Life

You cannot miss out on this humane part of living, like eating or sleeping.

The big emotions you feel after an embarrassing moment shape your personality. So, make sure to use them well.

The Moments Help Us Learn

If you trip over a stair once in your life, you will always be cautious not to do it again. So, such memories are learning lessons for us without even realizing it.

They Bring Us Closer

Remember that stranger you waved out on a busy road thinking they were your friend? Are they your friend now?

There is a high chance that the people who helped you get through an embarrassing moment are close to you now.

Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

The most scrutinized by the cameras are celebrities. So, here are the top 4 celebrity moments that will leave you embarrassed, secondhand!

  • And the Oscar for the best picture goes to……An awkward moment at the Oscars occurred when “La La Land” was announced as the best picture.
  • Speaking of the awards, how can we forget about Jennifer Lawrence’s great fall as she mounted the stage? The Hunger Games protagonist explained it humorously in an interview later.
  • The infamous Taylor Swift and Kanye drama birthed from a VMA. Kanye interrupted the lyrical Genius as she went on stage to make her acceptance speech.
  • At the Billboard Music Awards, Kendall and Kylie were booed heavily as they called out names for the best artist category. Things got worse when they announced the wrong names for the winners in the category.

Bottom Line

To conclude, we have all had our fair share of embarrassing moments. On the 18th of March, we can come together to celebrate awkward moments day.

Together we can get over fears that hold us back for years. So, try to get over one mess up from the past, meet up with your friends, and have a good laugh.

Share your milestones online to let others know about this day.

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